CSS3 vs. CSS: A Speed Benchmark

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Source: http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2011/04/21/css3-vs-css-a-speed-benchmark/

We’re all concerned about browser compatibility, and opinions will differ. For me and most of my clients, this would be a perfectly acceptable fallback. Perhaps with more experiments like this that yield similar results, these statistics could be cited to both employers and clients. If a website could be produced 49% faster (or even half of that) with CSS3, imagine the benefits: money saved, earlier launch times, more time spent on adding “extras” that push the product over the top, not to mention a better browsing experience for everyone.

Well researched post about old vs new style build. Some good points in the comments too.

The beauty of CSS in design

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Source: http://css1k.com/

A demonstration of what can be accomplished with only 1 K (Kibibyte) of CSS

This is fun.

Pagination CSS3 Style

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Source: http://brajeshwar.com/2011/pagination-css3-style/

Nicely done CSS3 pagination module.

The Space Shuttle (Narrated by William Shatner)

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Source: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2011/04/18/william-shatner-nasa-space-shuttle/

Great short documentary, narrated by William Shatner. End of an era.

Complex uses of CSS3 box-shadow

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Source: http://www.pamgriffith.net/blog/complex-uses-of-css3-box-shadow

Clever solution for CSS box-shadow applied to navigational tabs.

Timelapse CSS

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Timelapse CSS (II) from Matthew Buchanan on Vimeo.

Application of CSS rules over time. Post from 2008, but still a great idea.

Real World Accessibility: HTML5, ARIA and the Modern Web

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Source: http://www.sitepoint.com/real-world-accessibility-html5-aria-and-the-modern-web/

What do I even mean by real world? It’s very simple: Accessibility doesn’t and shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. The real world is messy. It isn’t black and white but every shade of grey in between. This applies to accessibility but also to our craft in general. We have to make compromises. We have to make choices. We have to change tactics mid-stream. And we have to have it finished yesterday.

Nice, detailed post on HTML5 and ARIA support by Derek Featherstone.