How books are made, circa 1947

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The good old days. What larks Pip, eh?

All aboard HTML5

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Even in the best of times, the enterprise market typically lags in adoption of new software platforms. Although enterprises typically refresh hardware every two to five years, it often takes longer for them to update corporate standards for OS platforms and software applications. Regardless of when or how often they are buying new machines, many enterprises are still relying on Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, and Internet Explorer 6. Don’t expect enterprise or B2B Flash web applications to disappear in the next three to five years.

Good industry overview of HTML5.

Life in a Day Trailer

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…a masterfully edited, occasionally moving quilt of user-generated footage from literally thousands of people around the world

Future of Web Design Sketchnotes

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Really nice bunch of sketches encapsulating the talks. Great idea.

Time to learn javascript

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But recently, we’ve seen some extremely important game-changers: jQuery, JSON, Node.js, and HTML5. JavaScript may have been a perfectly adequate language in the past, but these changes (and a few others that I’ll point out) have made JavaScript a language that is essential for every developer to know. If there’s one language you need to learn in the next year, it’s JavaScript.

My love/hate affair with Typekit

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Zeldman post, over a year old, but still great and well worth a re-read.

+1 your website

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Create a custom +1 button from Google.

Introducing the Follow Button

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When you follow interesting accounts on Twitter, it’s easy to stay connected with what’s most meaningful to you. Today we’re excited to launch the Follow Button, a new way to discover and instantly follow Twitter accounts directly from the websites you visit everyday.

W3Schools: An Intervention

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We are passionate about the web, learning, and craftsmanship. We want you, as web designers and developers, to be successful in your careers. We feel, though, that W3Schools is harming the community with inaccurate information. Like any other authoritative educational resource, W3Schools should both hold itself to, and be held to, the highest standards.