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Bubble Point Tooltips with CSS3 & jQuery | CSS-Tricks: “I needed some tooltips for a thing”

Been there.


15 Responsive CSS Frameworks Worth Considering: “Just like most CSS frameworks, all of the frameworks below will help you rapidly develop sites by eliminating the need to write basic CSS styles yourself, as you would expect. But, on top of that, they also come with a responsive layout helping you to quickly and easily create mobile-specific sites.”

Nice overview.


Image Tint With CSS | Impressive Webs: “In this post, I’ll offer a few solutions for mimicking a CSS image tint or semi-transparent color overlay. Each of these solutions has the drawback of requiring either an extra wrapper element or JavaScript.”

Note & Point: A gallery of Keynote and Powerpoint presentations

Great resource.


Google Reinvents the Wheel With Closure Stylesheets | Webmonkey | “Closure Stylesheets is an extension to CSS that adds variables, functions, conditionals, and mixins to standard CSS. The tool also supports minification, linting, RTL flipping, and CSS class renaming.”


Amazium – The responsive web framework..!

CSS framework for responsive sites.

BBEdit 10.1 Programming Software Review | Macworld: “If you need strong text editing features for prose, not code, you’ll enjoy the user-interface improvements and the ability to get work done faster. If you’re a codehead, you get better ways to work with your code, like improved project management, easier HTML entry, and customizable syntax coloring. Everybody wins.”

Good review of BBEdit.

In CSS “No one likes bloated CSS. Simply drag and drop your CSS files onto this page, and watch as they’re compressed on the fly.”