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More efficient CSS3 transitions | Tutorial | .net magazine

A blatant exploitation of cute kittens. Good post though.

The Fifth Fourth | CSS-Tricks

Probably the best CSS site on the net celebrates 5 years.

Inkling – Interactive books for iPad and the web

We started with a vision for a better textbook: one that was interactive and engaging, one that took advantage of the opportunities afforded by new media like iPad. But we aren’t just reinventing publishing, or reinventing the book. We’re reinventing the way people learn.

Leap Motion

This isn’t a game system that roughly maps your hand movements.  The Leap technology is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market — at any price point. Just about the size of a flash drive, the Leap can distinguish your individual fingers and track your movements down to a 1/100th of a millimeter.

Very impressive.


One, Two, or Three | CSS-Tricks

When I say one, two, or three, I’m talking about CSS files linked to from the head of deployed websites. I’m not talking about the CSS files you edit as a developer. For that, you should work in whatever modular chunks make sense to you. Then those modular chunks get combined into the final set of deployed files.