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Here at Google we’re really excited about the promise of tablet computers, which will be great for browsing the web and using apps. We’ve been working hard to optimize our services for the new format – larger touchscreens, increased portability, rich sensors – and we’d like to share some information about our progress so far.


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Hoefler & Frere-Jones:

Here are four tips for navigating the typographic ocean, all built around H&FJ’s Highly Scientific First Principle of Combining Fonts: keep one thing consistent, and let one thing vary.

Positively bookmarkworthy. This is great stuff, and the examples are top-notch.



Handy resource.

Source: IxEdit

Useful prototyping tool


This article will show you how to automatically adjust the height of an iFrame to the height of the content inside of the iFrame with the use of the jQuery JavaScript library and the jQuery autoHeight plugin.

Designing with progressive enhancement

Link: Designing with progressive enhancement

Great book from a super-sexy outfit.