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Also by Caleb T. Has chops = yes.

jQuery Waypoints“Waypoints is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll to an element”

Nice little jQuery thingy. Clever. And nice.


Dangers of Fracking

Lovely site well executed.


5 Mac Apps That Make CSS Preprocessors Easier to Use | Mac.AppStorm: “No matter which CSS preprocessor you favor, the tools above will help you compile your code and perform various other functions with almost zero work on your part.”

Can You Learn To Code In One Day? We Sent A Non-Nerd To Find Out | Fast Company: “I went along to a Decoded training day intrigued by the claim that by the end of eight hours I would be able to build a multi-platform location-based app in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s not that I thought they were lying, I just couldn’t see how that would happen. It did.”


Using unicode-range in font-face in CSS“These are notes on using CSS @font-face to gain finer control over the fonts applied to characters in particular Unicode ranges of your text, without resorting to additional markup. Possibilities and problems.”


Introducing dabblet: An interactive CSS playground | Lea Verou“Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE JSFiddle. It was a pioneer and it paved the way for all similar apps. It’s great for JavaScript experiments. But for pure CSS/HTML experiments, we can do better.”